Stuart Lee

Game Idea Machine - One Week In21 October 2013

It has now been a little over a week since I launched my most recent side project, the Game Idea Machine, so I thought i'd do a quick post about it for posterity.

I started writing the generation code a couple of weeks ago as a bit of procrastiwork while deciding what game programming to do next. I soon decided the output form it was interesting enough to share, and decided to expand it into a twitter bot. I wrote the majority of the bot code over the weekend, and started promoting it on Monday morning. On the first day, I posted a link and quick description of the bot to the gamedev subreddit, and something similar on the TIGsource forums, hoping to catch the interest of hobbyist indie game devs like myself. This paid off quite well, with a decent surge of traffic to start the week.

The bot has since gained over 350 followers, around 180 on the first day, and 20-30 a day since then.

About 25 people have also decided to follow my personal account @beeglebug, and the github repo has gained 19 stars and a couple of followers (and one pull request for a typo!).

I've been constantly adding to the bot all week, with two new commands added mid week (racing and indie), and I plan to keep adding stuff to it over the next few weeks.