Stuart Lee

Game Update 323 August 2013

The game has gone through what feels like a million changes in the last couple of weeks, most of which unfortunately won't be apparent because they are either under the hood, or because i've since thrown them away in disgust.

The version you see below is something like the fifth set of tiles I went through before settling on an art style. I started with 16x16 tiles, but soon discovered it takes me waaaaay too long to draw anything half decent at that scale, so I made the decision to switch to 8x8. This should hopefully mean I can crank out graphics at a much quicker rate (I tend to obsess over every pixel, so less pixels is good), and focus on the more important stuff, like gameplay.

In terms of code, i've radically overhauled almost everything by switching to an Entity Component System. Now i've got over the initial hump I think it's pretty awesome, and should enable a really nice easy workflow for adding content down the line. The only downside is I can feel myself falling slightly into the "make an engine not a game" trap, so I really need to stay on top of that and refocus my efforts into building out the game side of it for a while.

You can try the latest build below, and for comparison, you can find the last update here.

WASD to move, click to shoot.