In the modern day, web developers are rapidly increasing its numbers, and if you are considering to be one of them what are the things you need to know and expect.

What are the things that web developers do?

-Web developers are the ones who build websites using programs such as HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. They are also the one to design the website and arrange the content of the website.

-They are the ones who are obligated to modify or update the websites depending on their client’s request.

-They make sure that the websites are appealing and easy to use.

-Troubleshooting and repairing issues and errors on the website.

Most of the web developers today are, but there are also some that are on a company or in a web agency. The web developer’s job will be depending on the scale of the company. The example is in smaller companies. They can often communicate with other members and take different roles in the project while being in a larger company they will have to focus on one particular task. Your role will also be depending on your position whether you’re a front-end developer or a back-end developer. For explaining it more simply, front-end developers are the one responsible for the content that people see in the website while the back end developers are the one’s task to develop the flat form that supports the front end.

What is the typical timeline of a front end web developer?

Many people ask how busy can a web developer can be, well here is a timeline for you.

Most of us start to work at 8 in the morning, and this is the time where you check your client’s website if there are any errors or if none you continue your unfinished job the day before. After thirty minutes there will be a team meeting regarding projects, brainstorming ideas and new strategies that can help the clients. After the meeting is done time to do work again, this is the time you focus on the project you are working on, checking for errors, enhancing and maintaining your client’s website. At noon you eat your lunch with your friends outside of the office, and at 1 pm you go to continue to work again. If you have extra time, you can do some research for the newer technologies and tools that can help you in web developing. As a web developer, you need to stay updated with the more modern technologies. An hour before you leave work this is the time where you talk and collaborate with your content creators, graphic designer for you to be able to review what will you be putting on the website you are working on. You have the last say on what will be the content of the website so making sure it is appealing to the people is your job. At 4 pm your office hours is done but after leaving work check everything first if everything is running fine.

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